Senior Back-end Engineer(Game) 8 月 29, 2015


  1. Write well-structured and architected code in Node.js for new game features and administrative tools
  2. Follow best practices to ensure optimized performance and maintainability both in the application code and database structures


  1. 2 years of back-end server development experience (language is flexible)
  2. Expert in C/C++programming, and at least 2+ years programmed design experience
  3. Strong knowledge of computer science, software design fundamentals, and OO design patterns
  4. Deep understanding of server programming languages such as Node.js, Java, Python, lua or Ruby
  5. Strong database design skills, especially using MongoDB, MySQL, or Redis.
  6. Experience creating scalable, distributed, high availability applications
  7. Experience working as a core team member on a successful online game, running more than 1 year
  8. Excellent teamwork skills, flexibility and ability to multi-task effectively