QA Engineer (Game) 8 月 29, 2015


  1. Work closely with programmers, understand their needs and support the verification of various developing features.
  2. Run functionality tests and verified fixes on the testing versions
  3. Post a clear and accurate description of each bug found in the QA database.
  4. Provide positive/negative feedback with regard to the quality of the application
  5. Understand the gameplay mechanics of the tested application and relationships to the design and implementation of the game
  6. Create testing scenarios specific to assigned tasks
  7. Perform additional activities assigned by managers


  1. A minimum of 1 year experience in Game QA team
  2. Quality oriented – keep customer always in mind
  3. Ability to work under pressure
  4. Experience in performing functional and regression testing
  5. Excellent capacity of focusing to details
  6. Experience in working with mobile devices on different platforms (Apple, Android, Java, etc)
  7. Experience with Office tools (Excel, Word)