UI Designer(Game) 8 月 29, 2015


  1. Provide UI and interactive animation designs for a game
  2. Work closely with artists and animators (internal and outsourcing)
  3. Participate in art discussions and contribute your own thoughts and ideas from UI perspective
  4. Collaborate with engineers to ensure the transformation of UI from design effect to actual effect
  5. Proactively communicate with the Product team to understand production needs


  1. 1+ years of experience in UI design and production; deep understanding of user interaction design
  2. Familiar with and understand Western artistic style
  3. Ability to transform flow chart and wireframe into interesting and visually refined UI system with strong operability
  4. Skilled at 2D softwares (Photoshop) and ability to use animation softwares (Flash) to make UI interactive presentations
  5. Experience in Unity is a plus
  6. Have an interest in games, especially quality mobile games;deep insight into mobile UI design
  7. Able to take suggestions well, good verbal/written/virtual communication skills