Game Desinger 8月 29, 2015


  1. Drive systems design and engage our audience with addicting gameplay mechanics.
  2. Communicate the overall creative vision and specific feature requirements to the team.
  3. Write clear and concise game design documents.
  4. Can relentlessly test and perfect game balance.
  5. Use game design tools for rapid data driven feature iteration
  6. Drive the tuning, game play pacing, first user experience, and difficulty ramp of a mobile game.
  7. Break down designs into estimated coding, design, art, UI, and sound tasks
  8. Embrace a metrics-driven approach to game design, learning from user data to ensure excellent retention, monetization, and meaningful social connections in the game design
  9. Source new ideas and draft concept proposals as required


  1. 2+ years of free-to-play game design experience on mobile platforms or the web.
  2. Excellent analytical, facilitation and organizational skills required
  3. Proven systems design and economy-balancing experience required
  4. Ability to rapidly generate and refine extremely well-balance game systems
  5. An in-depth understanding of how to create fun, meaningful gameplay loops
  6. Strong experience at maintaining game data in spreadsheets, testing what you work on
  7. Commitment to quality on time execution and team collaboration